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Airline Tickets. Terms and conditions

1. We kindly ask you to pay attention to the air ticket fare rules, which can be found when booking the flight. The main rules we suggest to pay attention: in the section FARE RULES, under the chapter PENALTIES you can find all information and rules for cancelling and changing your flight. In case of fares combination, fare rules with more restrictions apply.
2. Client, when purchasing air ticket, has accepted all ticket reservation rules and carrier regulations. In case of ticket cancellation after ticketing has been done, no service fee will be returned.
3. International carrier air ticket is international document and all information and rules are available only in English. If you need any further information, you can contact us during working ours by phone: +371 67228429
4. Please make sure that all the information given is correct and precise. The name in the passenger’s passport should match with the name on the ticket; otherwise the ticket is not valid for travelling. (Regarding to the terms and conditions of International Air transportation association there can be three spelling mistakes in passenger’s name and surname. First letter must be correct. Please do not change the sequence of name and surname). Clients guarantee that all the information provided about themselves and other passengers is correct and precise. Clients are responsible for any data change and are bound to cover any expenses caused by change of travelling date, name or destination.
5. In case of two identical reservations (one in travel agency, but other in online system), one or both can be automatically cancelled, even if one is already paid. In case You have a reservation that is no longer needed, contact our travel agency by telephone +371 67228429 or by e-mail
6. Flights have to be used in correct sequence as shown in the itinerary. In case you do not use the first flight in the outbound route, regarding to the terms and conditions of International Air transportation association the rest of your ticket can be automatically cancelled by the airline, losing all the payment.
7. Costs, which are involving transfers between airports or terminals, are not included in the ticket price.
8. When making a payment by credit card, please note, that airlines may charge total amount in foreign currency. Air ticket price changes may result from currency conversion.
9. Airline ticket price can be changed by the airline company. Baltic Travel Group does not guarantee the total amount of ticket, because the agency operates as an intermediary. Price changes are affected by change in oil prices and airport taxes. In case the total price for the ticket changes/ rises before issuing date, client takes full financial responsibility.
10. Client’s duty is to pay for the reservation as soon as possible until the end of last ticketing date.
11. When making a bank transfer, please take into account the working times for your bank and the actual transferring time. The ticket is issued only after agency has received full amount of money in their account. If the payment has to be made in short time, it’s clients’ duty to send a sealed payment confirmation to the following e-mail: or fax: +371 67228429 (working days until 18:00). It is clients’ duty to make sure, if agency has received the payment confirmation by calling the following telephone number: +371 67228429.
12. Traveller must note all requirements about travelling, show all immigration and emigration documents required. Passport must be valid at least 6 months after leaving the country of it’s issue. Travellers’ obligation is to make sure about visa necessity. Infants and children are also required to have a passport for leaving the country. In case children are travelling alone or with a person that is not one of their parents or legal guardians, or the name of children is not written in parents’ passport, a permit approved by notary public and a copy of birth certificate are required. Please, ask your notary public for additional documents.
13. Beginning of registration for the flight depends on airline requirements and the number of passengers on the flight. Please note that suggested latest check-in time is 120 min for long- distance flights and 90 min for domestic flights before departure. The minimum boarding time for different airports can vary.
14. Some airlines can require confirmation of return date and time 72 hours before flight. If the flight is not repeatedly confirmed by contacting the airline directly, the reservation can be cancelled.
15. We can not guarantee any extra services requested from passengers, they are subject to availability confirmed or declined by airlines.
16. In order to be on time and to find out about schedule changes done by airline, check your reservation before departure at
17. Please take note, that we can guarantee electronic tickets only for flights, starting from Riga (except flights operated by Air Baltic). If the electronic ticket will not be technically available, our travel agent will contact you to agree on the alternative.