Chronicle of Major Events in Riga The Riga City history is more than eight hundred years long, and it has an abundance of dramatic events stored in countless volumes of works and monuments, legends, songs, memoirs and tales.  Welcome to Riga! The attractiveness of the city is difficult to resist!  Latvia, Information, pictures, description, brochures Visit Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius. Travel to Baltic states as Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania logo

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The Earliest Age: Livonia

11-12th cent. The first settlement in Riga is established1198 The name of Riga is mentioned in chronicles for the first time1201 The Councillor of Bremen Bishop Albert Buxhoevden begins building a 5.5...

Polish ocupation

1558-1583 The Livonian War.As a result of the war Riga was incorporated into the Polish-Lithuanian state. 1561-1581 Riga was a free town. 1581-1621 Riga was under the rule of the Polish-Lithuanian s...

Swedish Occupation

1600-1629 Polish-Swedish War1621 Riga surrenders to the King of Sweden, Gustav II Adolph, and loses its independence.1631 The first secondary school for non-Germans is founded.1634 The first manufactu...

Under the Tsar

1700-1721 The Great Northern War. As the war begins, the General Governor of Vidzeme orders the outskirts of the city to be burned.1709 Riga is surrounded by Russian military forces, and the siege las...

The Republic of Latvia

1918 The Republic of Latvia is proclaimed. 1919 Bermondt troops suffer defeat at Riga. 1920 Signing of peace treaty between Latvia and Soviet Russia. 1921 Latvia was aknowledged de jure. 1934 Peac...

Soviet occupation of Latvia

1940 Latvia occupied by USSR troops. 1940 The USA Foreign Affairs department declares that the occupation of the Baltic countries is illegal and their incorporation into the USSR is not recognised by...

The Present Day

1990 The Declaration ”On the Restoration of the Independence of the Republic of Latvia” is proclaimed. 1991 In January, the citizens of Latvia gather at the barricades to resist possible intervent...