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Hotels in Estonia

Tallinn hotels, Tallinn, Estonia

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is located in Northern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. Tallinn´s peculiar geographical and historical position affords a different perspective on centuries of history. The 850 years of Tallinn´s architectural history give a compact and lively overview of various styles and architectural directions.

Tartu hotels, Tartu, Estonia

Location: Tartu, Estonia

Tartu is the second largest city of Estonia. Tartu, lying 185 kilometres south of Tallinn, is also the centre of Southern Estonia. The Emajõgi River, which connects the two largest lakes of Estonia, flows for the length of 10 kilometres within the city limits and adds colour to the city.

Parnu hotels, Parnu, Estonia

Location: Parnu, Estonia

Pärnu, the best known Estonian resort, is more than just a summer city. It is also a place for conferences, theatre performances and concerts. Besides being a resort, Pärnu is also a Hanseatic city, a harbour city and a university city.

Saaremaa hotels, Saaremaa, Estonia

Location: Saaremaa, Estonia

Saaremaa - the biggest island of Estonia is known as a good recreation place with unique nature and a lot of sights.

Kuressaare hotels, Kuressaare, Estonia

Location: Kuressaare, Estonia

Kuressaare is the capital of Saaremaa island. The town, located at the Livonia Bay, has territory of about and a population of about 16,000.

Polva hotels, Polva, Estonia

Location: Polva, Estonia

The town of Põlva is situated in the South-East of Estonia and is an administrative center of the Põlva County. The diverse and virgin nature around the city allures both active holidaymakers and those who enjoy birdsong. Põlva is also suitable for the visitors who are looking for an accommodation and meals or a quiet walk amid culture and traditions.

Viimsi hotels, Viimsi, Estonia

Location: Viimsi, Estonia

Viimsi area is located in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea. It takes 20 minutes from Tallinn to the Viimsi.

Narva-Joesuu hotels, Narva-Joesuu, Estonia

Location: Narva-Joesuu, Estonia

Narva-Joesuu is a famous summer resort, which is located on the northeast Estonian cost of the Baltic Sea. It is located between Narva river and sea bay. The 7 km sandy beach between Meriküla and Narva-Jõesuu is unique with its white sands and high dunes, which are surrounded by pine-trees.

Harjumaa hotels, Harjumaa, Estonia

Location: Harjumaa, Estonia

Harjumaa (Harju County) is located in North-Estonia covering the costal region of the Gulf of Finland from the Gulf of Keibu to the Gulf of Eru and stretching out as far as 56 km from the sea. The centre of the county is Tallinn, which is also the capital of Estonia.

Viljandi hotels, Viljandi, Estonia

Location: Viljandi, Estonia

Viljandi is an ancient city situated on a hill by a beautiful lake. The lake glittering in the bottom of the valley is popular with holiday-makers, fishermen and people who enjoy recreational sports.

Otepaa hotels, Otepaa, Estonia

Location: Otepaa, Estonia

The first traces of human activity in Otepää region date back to the 6th B.C. The oldest archeological findings from Otepää Hill date back to the same era. Otepää is associated with several remarkable events and activities that have had an influence on the whole of Estonia or perhaps even over its borders.

Rakvere hotels, Rakvere, Estonia

Location: Rakvere, Estonia

Rakvere is Estonia’s fifth largest city, situated in northern Estonia, 20 km south of the Gulf of Finland. In 1226, Henrik of Latvia wrote the Chronicle of Livonia, which included a description of an ancient Estonian wooden castle located on hill nearby. After the Livonian War the wooden fortress ruins were replaced by a large and powerful stone castle.

Narva hotels, Narva, Estonia

Location: Narva, Estonia

The town of Narva is located in an extremely picturesque place. In about two kilometers upstream from Narva and Ivangorod Fortresses there is an unique object of nature. It is the Narva Waterfall, whose spillway capacity is one of the largest in northern Europe.

Valgamaa hotels, Valgamaa, Estonia

Location: Valgamaa, Estonia

The County of Valga is one of the few counties of Estonia were numerous local and international level sporting competitions are organised all year round and cultural entertainment is provided for all tastes. The hilly landscape of the County of Valga with over 200 lakes offers excellent opportunities for camping and holiday making.

Paide hotels, Paide, Estonia

Location: Paide, Estonia

The unique geographical location of Paide means it’s approximately 100km distance to any and all of the major Estonian towns. This is most likely the reason why the German order built their fortress in Paide a few centuries ago: easy and even access to anywhere in Estonia enabled them to keep an eye on everything.

Laane-Virumaa county hotels, Laane-Virumaa, Estonia

Location: Laane-Virumaa, Estonia

West-Viru County is situated in the northern part of Estonia, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Area of West-Viru County is 3465 km², length of the coastline is about 100 km. 47% of the territory is covered by forests.

Haapsalu hotels, Haapsalu, Estonia

Location: Haapsalu, Estonia

Haapsalu is a major seaside resort town set on the West Coast of Estonia. Haapsalu, formed in 1279, is well-known for its historic and maritime ambience, warm sea water, curative mud baths and friendly residents.
Haapsalu is a wonderful little town with narrow streets, a miniature town hall and romantic wooden dwelling houses. On the seaside promenade stands Kuursaal, one of the finest wooden buildings in all Estonia.

Võru hotels, Võru, Estonia

Location: Võru, Estonia

Võru town was established on 1784 on the orders of Catherine II, empress of Russia. Unlike most Estonian county centres, Võru did not evolve organically around an existing village but was planned as a whole and built systematically. Most of its straight right angled streets and beautiful wooden architecture have been preserved in their original form and have undergone thorough renovations during recent years.

Ida-Virumaa (East Virumaa) county hotels, Ida-Virumaa county, Estonia

Location: Ida-Virumaa county, Estonia

Ida-Virumaa is Estonian most north-eastern county bordered with the Finnish Gulf in the north, the Narva River in the east and Peipsi Lake in the south. Ida-Virumaa is the most urbanised county in Estonia - about 88 % inhabitants live in towns.